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EduBright is an English course that implements technology and learning side by side. The language learning technology make English learning more effective and fun. Effective means that you can learn four area of skills of English, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing all together in one place anytime and anywhere.

EduBright is supported by language learning solution, TELLMEMORE, that was developed by language experts in France. By accessing our portal, our students are able to access their learning program and be independent. We combine traditional face-to-face meeting, multimedia learning, and online enrichment at the same time. These methods are internationally well-known as the best method not only in language learning, but in all aspects of learning.

EduBright offers two kinds of English learning program. The regular program starts from English for Kids, English for Teens, English for Adults, English for Experts, and TOEIC/TOEFL Preparation. The Online Program offers a great experience of Virtual Meeting via Skype and YM video call. Online program that is very flexible to access anytime and anywhere will make your precious time will be getting more efficient and effective.

EduBright facilitates the students with maximum capacity of 5 students in each classroom. Each classroom has six multimedia computers with high-speed internet access. Learning is such fun in our center. Our tutors will be stand-by to guide you during our office hours. We open from Monday to Saturday at 9 AM to 8 PM.

Access your online program now at www.edubrightonline.co.cc
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